Energised Jewellery
All jewellery containing crystal gems can be imprinted with special quantum energetic signatures using Asyra Pro bio-energetics. Some of these are taken from homeopathic medicines, some from flower remedies and others from minerals and other substances. Below is a selection of energy collections available. Personalised combinations can also be imprinted or you can have an Asyra Consultation
Energy Blends Available

Bring more love into your relationships be it lovers, children or colleagues. This blend helps you be more open to love for yourself and from others and helps situations that call for greater love, forgiveness and acceptance. It helps you to connect more lovingly and feel happier with yourself and others. You become more responsible for your own feelings. It's great when partners/family members have access to this energy at the same time.

Cape Bluebell
The healing qualities of this flower are divine love. It reverberates the message of, “Let go, let go of the past and be loving”. 
Mountain Devil
Helps unconditional love, forgiveness and happiness.
Rose Coneflower
For someone who feels they need their own space, the healing properties of this flower ease the tension and allow them to again enjoy the company of others.
Pink Everlasting Straw Flower
Someone who can finds it hard to be in touch with others emotionally. This flower essence replenishes depleted emotions, renewing the springs of love and joy.
Helps promote feelings of kindness, warmth, and security instead of being critical and controlling in relationships.
Red/Green Kangaroo Paw
This is helpful for the busy parent and/or partner who may be out of touch with the needs of loved ones. The healing properties of this flower allow them be mentally in the here and now with their loved ones.
Emvita 4
This helps people treat themselves in a loving and caring way and to take responsibilityfor their feelings as well as for their body.
Purple Eremophila
This essence encourages objectivity without compromising richness of feeling and sensitivity towards loved ones, and is very helpful in times of relationship upsets.
To take away anger and oversensitivity in relationships
Snake Bush
For people who give, motivated by the need to be loved. The healing properties of this flower allow them to find that emotional fulfilment within themselves, without taking away any of the genuine caring they feel for another person.
Brings warmth and kindness in communication.

This blend enables you to relax, unwind and feel more refreshed on all levels. It helps those who need support coping with the stresses of life or people who are prone to worry or anxiety. It also helps people who are restless at night with too many thoughts in their heads.  It encourages regular patterns and better quality rest and makes it easier to enjoy increased focus and productivity in daily life.

Stress Med
Homepathic combination for stress and irritability.
Black Eyed Susan
To slow down with ability to turn inward and be still, inner peace.
Purple Flag Flower
For people who have pushed  their stress limits and find it hard to unwind
Rock Rose
To calm deep feelings of dread and to soothe after bad dreams
White Chestnut
For constant and persistent unwanted thoughts, such as mental arguments, worries or repetitious thoughts that prevent peace-of-mind, and disrupt concentration.
For those who experience vague fears and anxieties sometimes of unknown origin. 
Stress Relief Complex
Helps relax body and mind while promoting alertness and helps your body adapt to stress.
Distress Drops
Provides homeopathic aid in support of assistance with the symptoms of distress and overeaction.
Promotes a relaxed, peaceful state of mind and body. 

This blend boosts your vibrational energy to attract more abundance and prosperity into your life. It releases negative beliefs, family patterns, sabotage and fear of lack. This then allows you to be open to all opportunities and to receive great riches on all levels, not just financial. 

Snake Bush
The healing properties of this flower allow people to find that emotional fulfilment within themselves.
Wild Violet
This flower enables one to take a balanced attitude between caution and taking opportunities and gives the realization that an over-cautious nature prevents many good things in life happening for them
Brings lively heart forces, buoyant cheerful courage and optimism
Opens the heart to joyful sharing. For those cut off from their feelings of greed or fear of lack.
Brings an ability to let in praise, and to receive love and acknowledgement. 
3rd Chakra
This remedy resets and balances the third chakra which is concerned with power issues, creativity in the physical sense and self-image What happens here manifests very quickly in our lives.
For those who are hardworking people who suffer much from faults they attach to themselves, they are never satisfied with their success.
Lotus flower remedy holds the key to spiritual liberation and freedom
Sunshine Wattle
Helpful to those who struggle and have an expectation of a grim future. It brings optimism, acceptance of the beauty and joy in the present.
Brings a feeling of love and extending love to others with universal compassion and an open heart.

This blend builds self-confidence and self-worth, and a feeling that you know you are good enough to go into new situations, achieve goals and perform well.  It helps to give you confidence to get out and meet people, will help you stand up for yourself and help get you going again after set-backs in life. It brings determination and self-belief whilst staying focused.

Snake Vine
For when someone's negativity, undermines the confidence we have in ourselves. The healing properties of this flower allow us to see all the positive and good things we achieve. 
For hardworking people who suffer much from faults they attach to themselves and are never satisfied with or recognise their success.
For timidity, shyness, lack of self-confidence, passivity, tendency to embarrass easily, feelings of inferiority & inadequacy, susceptibility to peer pressure. For promoting self-confidence & acceptance, assertiveness, independence, moral strength. Larch For those with low self-esteem and lack of energy.
For shy and nervous types, it gives strength to face the world and deal with fear of known things, such as heights, water, the dark, other people, or being alone.
For those who lack confidence in their own judgement and decisions. They constantly seek the adviseof others and may often be misguided.
Accomplishing of life’s goals
Dog Rose
Gives confidence, courage and belief in self. Useful for fearful, shy and insecure people who may be apprehensive of other people.
For promoting confidence, assuredness, self-acceptance, positive self-image.
For those who at times may experience momentary feelings of inadequacy, being overwhelmed bytheir responsibilities.
For the relief of symptoms related to mental weakness, timidity, reservedness, inability to face anychallenge. Easily dominated or influenced. Feelings of inferiority, low confidence, low self-esteem.
Illawarra Flametree
An essence for those who suffer from a great sense of rejection, or who feel 'left out'.  The Essence is also for a person feeling apprehensive about a new experience or where there is a fear of responsibility. 
For procrastination and lethargy, it brings the will and motivation to change.

This is a pick me up blend for those who are tired, lack energy or are exhausted. It is particularly useful when feeling drained after a period of overwork. When taken as part of a positive move towards a more holistic lifestyle, this essence will gradually recharge your batteries .

For those who at times may experience momentary temporary weariness due to a constant effort to perform at highest level, overwhelmed by too much work
Useful for those who spend excess energy drifting into thought and become detached from feelings.
Illawarra Flametree
Helps develop confidence and strength.
For the Monday morning feeling of not being able to face the day. For those feeling that some part ofthe body or mind needs strengthening. 
For those who struggle on despite despondency from hardships, even when ill and overworked, theynever give up.
Fatigue Reliever
For relief of fatigue due to overwork, loss of sleep, nervousness, exhaustion,indifference, muscle weakness, dullness. 
For extreme weariness after long period of strain, washed out with no reserves left.
Old Man Banksia
Gives energy, enthusiasm, enjoyment of and interest in life.
For promoting clarity, mental alertness & vigor. Helps fatigue, adrenal exhaustion.
Yellow Cowslip Orchid
Negative Condition: Critical, judgmental, bureaucratic. Positive Outcome: Humanitarian concern,impartial - can step back from emotions, constructive, keen sense of arbitration, balances the pituitarygland.
Has a strong affinity to the adrenal glands; bringing about energy, strength and vitality.
Promotes peace and calm, balancing and centering the individual and adding vitality.
Ginseng Compositum
For the temporary relief of fatigue due to stress or illness and for the enhancement ofmental and physical stamina.
For a lack of motivation, propels one forward with energy.


This blend will help you to lighten up and become more positive whatever the reason is for feeling down, negative or discouraged. It releases the need to focus on personal problems and helps create a new optimistic frame of mind. Life can become more enjoyable, bright and promising.

Pink Fairy-Cowslip
This essence minimizes the effect other people's negativity or attitudes have on their life. Itgenerates contentment and a positive feeling within themselves of being self-contained.
For emotional imbalances, depression, mood swings and nervous anxiety
Good Mood Enhancer
For feeling down, disinterest and/or discontent. For promoting cheerfulness &joy, vivacious energy, enthusiasm, light-heartedness.
Sweet Chestnut
For those moments of deep despair when the anguish can seem to be unbearable.
Has an affect on metabolism and depression.
Gives courage, tenacity, strong faith, adaptability and survival skills.
Wild Violet
The healing properties in this flower give a feeling of care-freeness, and the realization that it is their over-cautious nature that prevents many good things in life happening for them. 
For feelings of hopelessness and futility even when there is hope of relief.
For pessimism, depression, melancholy, discontent, ill-humor, gloominess. For promoting joy & optimism, contentment, positive self-image.
Cherry Plum
For fear of losing mental and physical control, of doing something desperate. 
For those unable to decide between two things, first one seems right then the other. Often presentingextreme variations in energy or mood swings.
Depression Med
Homeopathic combination for when you are feeling down.
Cape Bluebell
May feel hate, negativity and malice stemming from the past leading to isolation. The healing qualities of this flower are divine love. 
Opens the heart for joyful sharing becoming less cut off from their feelings.

This blend opens up pathways to fertility releasing the emotional issues which could be affecting fertility.  It supports harmony in the subconscious mind and can support you to let go and embrace the possibility of a new and exciting chapter in your life beginning now.

For those who hide their worries and anxieties behind a brave face. Agrimony helps us communicate our feelings openly and can accept that life has its less pleasant sides.
For those times where you feel resentment and jealousy particularly of pregnant women or women with children. Holly helps you to feel inner harmony and to be able to take genuine pleasure in other people's success.
Sweet Chestnut
Helps us when we feel anguish and intense sorrow so that we can now be faced with optimism and peace of mind.
Tourmaline gem
Helps to release and dispel a negative and painful spirit and bring harmony to mind and body, supporting strength and courage.
Turkey Bush
This remedy brings back creative powers both mentally, which is expressed in conceiving new ideas and physically, which is expressed in conceiving a new life.
Infertility complex
Homeopathic combination of Sepia, Sabina, Phosphorus and Silica used to help with ovulation, anxiety, strengthening the uterus and balance the immune system.
For enhancing sexual potency and pleasure for both men and women.
Flannel Flower
Gives gentleness and sensitivity in touching and experiencing feeling, joy in all physical activity, emotional trust, sensuality.
She Oak
She Oak is used to treat hormonal imbalances and also to help resolve emotional and physical factors which inhibit fertility. Causes of infertility are often unknown and this essence helps clear blocks such as fear and unresolved issues.