Energised Jewellery
Balancing and healing whilst beautiful to wear
A range of handmade jewellery and gems that are enhanced with healing and protective energies using the Asyra imprinting process.  The jewellery is made in UK by artist/designer, Meena Thakor. 
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or contact me to have jewellery made to your individual needs.
Gem Donuts
Various  gemstone gem donut pendants are available and these make a simple, but elegant way of  carrying imprinted energies close to your heart.
Gemstone Combinations
Jewellery can be made to combine Chakra or birth stones.
Tree of Life Pendants
Each Tree of Life pendant is a unique piece of art made from copper wire and small gemstones. These are beautiful to wear and hold imprinted energies really well. These can be made in silver as well.

Handmade Silver
Individually designed and hand made in 999 Silver 
Rose Quartz Palm Stones
Once energised with the Relax blend,   these shaped and polished stones can be held in the hands where the calming vibrations of selected flower essences and homeopathic energies are transfered into the body.